Gate Barrier System


The Traditional and The Most Convenient Passage Management Solution

Access control is a critical step in maintaining powerful security measures inside the premises of offices shopping malls toll plaza special residential areas and other building units that need stringent security standards. Allied Enterprises offers innovative and state-of-the-art security solutions with an aim to implement controlled passage and to safeguard your premises from unauthorized access and unexpected thread from outsiders.

In collaboration with ZKTeco, the leading manufacturers of security solutions in World, we offer a wide array of equipment that successfully manages vehicle traffic and pedestrian crossing. Led by a group of innovative engineers and smart professionals, we are here to ensure that our gate barrier systems perform up to your expectations and meet your security enhancement requirements.

Ranging from residential to industrial and commercial purposes our automatic gate barrier systems deliver high performance and seamlessly manage high vehicular movements at the exit and entry points of your premises.

Advantages of our fully automatic boom barriers:

  • Simple, fast, and secure opening and closing system best suited for both light and heavy vehicle traffic
  • Based on the amount of flow of vehicles and people power solutions are available in varying sizes in order to accommodate different traffic volumes
  • Embedded with cutting edge technology and high quality equipment
  • Even though our solutions are fully automated in case of power failure manual operation can be performed
  • Optional led notification to get a great view of the information

Take a quick glance at the advanced Technical specifications of our Gate Barriers:

  • Incorporated with an excellent LED light strip
  • An incredible product life span that is 10 times more than the conventional boom barriers offered by our competitors.
  • The ideal operating temperature ranges between -45 degree Celsius and 75 degree Celsius
  • Automatic detection of electricity failures
  • With the presence of a resistance rubber strip, the barrier prevents further damage by swinging out if vehicles hit the boom.
  • Energy efficient systems and lower power consumption rate
  • Low noise operation modes

A wide range of cost-effective and innovative gate barrier models are supplied under our Physical Access Solutions in Qatar. As a trustworthy gate barrier supplier in Qatar, we manage everything from distribution to implementation and maintenance of compact and affordable gate barriers in Qatar.

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Turnstile Entry Systems

The Smartest Access Control Solution That Guarantee 100% Security

The smartest access control solution that guarantees 100% security

In highly supervised areas and mobility hot sports such as stations and shopping malls controlled flow of pedestrians is to be implemented. Being one of the top turnstile suppliers in Qatar, Allied Enterprises supplies abroad range of turn style systems that are easily deployable and at the same affordable. Understanding the security requirement of various organizations, mass transit stations, and other public places like stadiums airports, and hospitals, our advanced technology-powered turnstiles offer powerful security and avoid authorized access into the premises. As one of the leading security solution vendors in Qatar, we offer smart and secure turnstile series that offer diverse security applications for various indoor environments.

Our product range:

  • TS200 Tripod Turnstile
  • TS1000-Pro
  • TS1000D
  • TS2000-Pro
  • TS5000A

Consider the below mentioed common features of our turnstile systems:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Optional LED notification for exceptional user experience
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast and simple deployment
  • Easy maintenance and monitoring

Being a global leader offering exceptional Physical Access Security Services in Qatar, we are dedicated to exercise flawless entrance control systems that can handle high traffic volume with ease. 100% reliability, error-free safety features, and high-quality built-in reader integration features make us the best supplier of security solutions in Qatar that are energy-saving and cost-effective.

Get to know more about the technical specifications of our turnstile product range:

  • Time-tested Anti-tailgating technology that follows International safety standards
  • First class electrical components that best operate in both adverse and easy situations
  • Matchless oil lubrication system that increases the lifespan of the product
  • High power conservation and extended durability
  • Tailor made solutions for the unique customer requirements
  • Low operational and maintenance cost

As the top supplier of automatic access control systems in Qatar, we believe in maintaining the highest level of safety and security and intruder protection in industrial units, factories, and various other commercial outlets that are working tirelessly to contribute to our economy and better positioning our country in the global economy.

Which type of turnstile is perfect for your spaces?

Generally, turnstiles come in three different categories. They are Tripod turnstiles, full height turnstiles, and speed gates. But according to videos business leads turnstiles can be tailor made and are available in different forms like Automatic turnstiles, Electronic turnstiles, Bar turnstiles, Rexon turnstiles, and Round turnstiles.

Depending on the entrance/ exit type and the traffic volumes you experience in your premises you must carefully choose the best fit controlled access turnstiles for your business environments. Turnstiles when integrated with best in class technology become ideal security applications that can avoid trespassing and block intruders at the spot.

Whatever be your building security requirement, our Physical Access Solutions in Qatar and an outstanding product line mitigate tailgating and meet your security goals. All our products feature compact designs and turn up with the best-rated biometric recognition specifications that add tremendous functionality to enhance security and deny unauthorized access.

In the normal operating mode, the tripod is in a locked position but during emergencies and in case of power failures,  the arms of tripods unlock themselves and ensure fast exits for passengers to intelligently avoid danger and casualties.

Want to know the ideal turnstile system that matches your business? We, the best suppliers of Turnstiles & Gate barriers in Qatar providing comprehensive security solutions and equip you to meet your security objectives!

Flap barriers

Take Your Indoor Security to the Next Level with Our Flap Barriers

Intelligent user recognition, outstanding people flow control superior anti gating risk mitigation is all about Allied Enterprises’ flap barriers. Flap barriers can single-handedly manage every complex entrance control and user recognition functions. We proudly offer intelligent and functionally rich flap barriers that are convenient for your space requirements. We are one of the top flap barrier suppliers in Qatar that have a prominent track record of implementing spectacular flap barrier systems in various public places of the country.

We partner with ZKTeco, the renowned security solution provider in Qatar that deals with the design, developing, manufacturing, and supplying of umpteen smart solutions that range from top of the line Biometric Verification platforms to time management systems to people counting solutions to access control systems to visitor management to elevator control and hotel and parking management solutions.

No matter the size of your business, we offer enterprise users, small/ medium, and large-scale enterprisers, corporate firms with unwavering solutions that offer premises security and crime prevention. At Allied Enterprises, we boast of offering the best security services in Qatar through unbeatable products that are listed below:

  • FBL1000 PRO Series
  • FBL1211
  • FBL1200 PRO Series
  • FBL2000
  • FBL2000 Pro Series
  • FBL2222
  • FBL2200 Pro Series
  • FBL4000 Pro
  • FBL4000 Pro Series
  • FBL4200
  • FBL4200 Pro Series
  • FBL5022
  • FBL5000 Pro Series
  • FBL5222
  • FBL5200 Pro Series
  • FBL6000 Pro
  • FBL6200 Pro

Our latest range of flap barriers features stunning elements and exhibit optimum performance. Here’s a look at the matchless features of flap barriers from Allied Enterprises:

  • Stainless steel body finish
  • Finest electrical components
  • Long product life
  • Smooth and perfect finish
  • Card and fingerprint authentication and access
  • Availability of Plug-and-play turnstiles
  • Easy installation maintenance and monitoring
  • LCD notification option

We are a big name in the Access Control Market that delivers top-notch Physical Access Solutions in Qatar and accelerate the country’s transformation into a secured and relaxed environment for people who are living and working here!

Our enduring partnership with ZKTeco helped us become one of the best physical access solutions providers in Qatar and a prominent player in the Access Control and Security industry. As a global brand, we introduced intelligent and affordable physical access solutions and have been ranked as the reputable distributors, dealers, and suppliers of Gate barriers, Turnstiles, and flap barriers in Qatar.

  • Solid sound alarm functionality
  • Efficient synchronization of the poles
  • Automatic lock facility in case the system doesn’t recognize the passage of visitors even after getting the right to access
  • Attached with Premier card reading facilities
  • Single directional and bidirectional control of the passage is possible
  • Flat material comes in the form of toughened glass with the plastic plate
  • Suitable for the harshest outdoor conditions

Want to know more about Allied Enterprises’ Flap Barriers? Talk with the expert supplier of gate barriers in Doha, Qatar to avail of our cost-effective Physical Access Security Services in Qatar.