Business Intelligence Solutions 

The growing competitive market pressure is making it difficult for companies in the transport and logistics industry to sustain their profitability. They are struggling to deliver a consistent brand experience and balance price competitiveness. Challenges such as increasing compliance complexities, volatile fuel costs, and constantly-evolving consumer demands have created the need among companies to look out for solutions that can help them excel in the competitive market landscape. Moreover, growing material and labor costs coupled with market volatility is compelling companies in the transport and logistics industry to leverage business intelligence solutions for developing effective growth strategies.

Benefits of business intelligence and analytics:

Reduces labor costs

The automated data collection process enables businesses to reduce human efforts by decreasing time spent on extracting data in spreadsheets. It also decreases the training time as reports can be automatically generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis without the use of excel or word. Business intelligence tools also provide an easy option for businesses to design reports in very less time.

Reduces information bottlenecks

Business intelligence solutions give users the opportunity to build individualized operation specific dashboards that are relevant to their operational area. It provides KPI and other vital information that are required to customize dashboards according to the specific needs. Business intelligence solutions can even help businesses to generate autonomous reports and analyze data without IT assistance. This reduces information blockages and improves the efficiency for businesses.

Provides actionable data

Many companies hire a considerable number of people to work on various formats of reports. Such reports involve a huge amount of resources and end up delivering long after they were most needed. This not only demotivates human resources but creates the need for making data useful and purposeful. Business intelligence solutions help companies with actionable data models that allow the prevention of conflicting definitions and incomparable report data. They even provide real-time information to present the state of businesses rather than delivering a historical view. Business intelligence tools possess the efficiency to make data actionable by enabling users to spot issues and drill down to detail data in a top-down manner.

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