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Public address system or PA system is an important component of any buildings , schools, and offices. Its main purpose is public announcement, background music and the most important is emergency evacuation system. The sound system should not be confused with the Public address system as the sound system is for live music, whereas the PA system is the reproduction of recorded music and speech in buildings and institutions.Buying a PA system with the amount of different goods available on the market can be a tough choice for the novice. It can make the decision much more complicated if you don’t understand the technical terms and requirements that the manufactures have.
Public address systems remain one of the most efficient means of communicating with the general public and staff. Public address system for small and large venues such as school auditoriums, malls , restaurants, train / metro / airport / bus terminals is very important and mandatory. In simple terms Public address system is required to make announcements in public, institutional and commercial buildings. Allied Enterprises is a reliable provider of sound systems in qatar, public address systems and accessories which include audio power amplifiers, audio amplifiers, sound mixers, portable pa system, PA Amplifier, Amplifier PA System, Public Address Wall Amplifier, PA Power Speakers, Public Address Driver Units and PA Stands. Choose from a diverse sound system range in qatar such as home theater systems, speaker systems, loudspeakers, home audio system, music system, ceiling speakers, high-quality HDMI cables that enhance the audio experience with high-quality surround sound.

As a leading public address system installers in Qatar, we partner with high quality Audio System brands that use their expertise in manufacturing the best audio output from the host of portable sound systems available on sale. Relax the magic of surround sound effect as it resounds through the entire house. Remove the appearance of hidden speakers with cluttered and messy wires that remove the chaotic look and give you a smooth, elegant finish. We represent prestigious PA brands such as — —————————— Address System. These are the reliable manufacturer that manufacture a full range of PA equipment consisting of mixer, amplifier, and ceiling speakers. We will be able to offer our service to your PA needs whether your requirement is a Digital PA system or a conventional system.
We do installation at a competitive and at affordable price to meet different needs or requirements for industry applications. Our Aim is to provide innovative products and top notch services, which meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.
Allied Enterprises qatar offers the modern technology in Public Address System. PA system is an electronic sound intensification and sharing system with the use of an amplifier, microphone and loud speakers which permit a person to address a large public, helps the groups to enjoy the get together gathering events and music concerts. Simple PA systems are often used in small environments such as school auditoriums, government service centers and workplaces for small businesses. In public, institutional and commercial buildings, and crowded places such as airports, PA systems with many speakers are widely used to make announcements. Some PA systems require occupants to respond with a microphone provided at the rooms to the announcements.

The quality of Public Address Systems that is installed for specific purposes is of utmost importance. The right kind of technology, hardware and the right people to install…these are the key points that has to be kept in mind.

Looking for highly flexible, enjoyable and credible built-in public address system equipment for your new construction? Our Public Address System array is designed exclusively for public addressing and emergency purposes. In small , medium-sized applications, these fully digitized systems play an important part.
PA Systems come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from very complex devices used in large stadiums to a basic microphone installed in your home stereo system. Public Addressing System is used to play light music at airports, hospitals , factories, showrooms and colleges etc. Core Terms.


It must avoid the acoustic feedback
Distribute the sound intensity uniformly
Reduce reverberations
It must use proper speaker orientation
Select proper microphones and loudspeaker
It should create a sense of direction
Loudspeaker impedances should be matched properly
Proper grounding should be provided
Use closed ring connection for loudspeakers


●The power output of the P.A. The program should be sufficient to offer an application.
●The number of microphones connectable at the input.
●Provision for connecting at the input of a tape recorder or CD player.
●A tone control / graphic equalizer circuit is given.
●Facility to operate a P.A. System in case of a power failure on the DC batteries.
●For through microphone input separate amplitude power.
●The number of speakers which the P.A can drive. Installation.
●Wireless Microphone Use Facility.
●Size, weight and quality.
●Guarantee for reliable operation and service after sale.
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