Digital Minimalist Wallet

Fuze Card

Allied Enterprises walks along with the digital world happenings and focuses into the innovative digital products and its services and in that process has been tied-up with the prestigious BrilliantTS, a consumer electronics company focused on research and development of innovative products and related services. Fuze Card is one of such digital Innovation.

Fuze Card, 0.84mm innovative electronic card technology Consolidates the entire Wallet into a Single Digital CardFuze: All of your payment cards in one. Simply speaking Fuze card is

 ‘All-in-One Wallet’ Smart Card

Fuze Card is the world’s thinnest all-in-one smartcard that incorporates all of the cards in your wallet into a single secure smartcard. Fuze Card stores encrypted info in secured memory and is compatible with existing payment terminal. Fuze simplifies your life by minimizing your wallet and giving you that extra security while dealing with your finances.

Fuze Card is compatible with Mag-strip/NFC/EMV/Bluetooth and works with iPhone and Android phones that will seamlessly enhance your payment experience.

Smart-Card Features that Protect Privacy

  • Authentication
  • Secure data storage
  • Encryption
  • Strong device security
  • Secure communications
  • Bio-metrics
  • Personal device