Business Process Management

Allied Enterprises in partnership with award winning APPIAN partners offers end-to-end Business process management services span across consulting, documentation, UX design, development, automation, quality testing, and support. We don’t just deliver solutions out of the box; we put people at the heart of everything we do and strive to understand you, your business, your goals, and become an extension of your organization to solve your business challenges. Business Process Management (BPM) solutions orchestrate between different systems, people, and processes, enabling business analysts to model and optimize their organization’s human-centric business processes.

Taking an API-first approach to BPM provides a natural abstraction for system tasks like “create order,” which should be implemented outside of the BPM.

An Appian BPM developer is a specialist in Appian’s application proprietary business process management software. Appian’s BPM tools are designed to automate, optimize, and measure business processes to improve efficiency and workflow.

What is Appian platform?

Appian is a platform for change.Technology trends, analyst insights, and customer stories – Appian webinars are your guide to driving business impact with automation. View the schedule. Discover the power of low-code automation.

Overview of Appian BPM Benefits

Appian business process management (BPM) software offers solutions that are rapidly built through a simple drag-and-drop functionality that is convenient for its users. Its native process repository captures and stores process models for rapid reuse. Business rules to define your critical policies and procedures while the Forms interface design enables the fast creation of task forms and dashboards. Complex event processing is also available for tracking, analyzing, and responding to business events.

Appian BPM also provides instant deployment of newly built solutions set up in your workplace on a scalable, flexible platform while providing out-of-the-box Integration with diverse systems. It offers built-in enterprise mobility that delivers responsive. mobile user experiences with no extra work. There is also Appian Records that serves to unify all data from across systems and processes in a single location and intuitive user interfaces deliver great user experiences.

Real-time management tools monitor in-flight processes, re-assign tasks, and view performance of your company, while task management increases worker efficiency and reduces costs. There is also real-time visibility that provides granular tracking of process and task progress. Skills-based routing ensures the right worker gets the right task while at the same time, social collaboration across people, processes, and systems drives awareness.

BPMN process solutions Business rules
Native process repository Forms interface design
Complex event processing Instant deployment
Out-of-the-box Integration Built-in enterprise mobility
Appian Records Intuitive user interfaces
Real-time management tools Task management
Real-time visibility Skills-based routing
Aggregated process history Social collaboration
Continuous process improvement Predictive analytics
Dynamic reporting


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