Payroll Integration System

Investing in an automated enterprise solution is a big decision, one that can impact aspects of your operations well beyond its immediate function. A payroll solution can affect processes in HR, Finance, IT and even Sales. As you consider your options, it becomes clear that a key to unlocking the full potential of any system is integrating it with your existing solutions.

Sunbird Payroll Integrator lets you connect to any of the listed payroll platforms allowing you to import and synchronise your data between the two systems to easily manage your business. Once imported, any data that you update in Biotime or Sunbird Software will automatically be reflected in your payroll system. 

Integrating your payroll system with our employee time and attendance software can reduce payroll errors as you can track exactly how many hours have been worked and use the built-in calculations to work out overtime, vacation and sick pay. 

  • Eliminate payroll errors

  • Achieve simplicity for employees

  • Get quicker reporting

  • Get accurate cost analysis

  • Find records quicker

  • Lighten administration