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Wialon is the platform for GPS tracking and IoT available as a cloud solution Wialon Hosting and a server-based solution Wialon Local. The platform can be used for many functions, inclusive of mobile or stationary asset monitoring. Wialon GPS is a flexible fleet management system that is compatible with 2,300 device types. If particular hardware doesn’t work with it, Gurtam would determine whether fresh hardware needs to be installed. Wialon supports hardware for machinery, automobiles, and stationary belongings, which means finding the proper device for a task won’t be a problem. The additional system might assist examine weight, angle, temperature, and numerous other tracking frameworks for multi-faceted analytics. We offer you the Best GPS Fleet Tracking Software and Systems in Qatar. The Wialon platform is available in server- and SaaS-based versions have open API to integrate with modern back-office setups and allows custom interface white labeling, etc. Our GPS Tracking Software is available at budget-friendly prices.


Our GPS Tracking Software offers you the best GPS Tracking Solutions. Beyond normal tracking, the device offers several modules. The multilingual local mobile software is available for both Wialon Hosting SaaS-solution and Wialon Local server-based products. Wialon mobile client allows controlling tracking unit list, imparting instant insight into the activity of assets in a real-time mode. It has all the features primarily required and is almost 100 percent uptime. On the other hand, its user interface looks clunky and outdated and is not for non-technical users.


Wialon Features


The Wialon Features are territory management, status tracking, historical reporting, accident tracking, dispatch management, driver management, fuel management, inspection management, maintenance tracking, mileage tracking, parts management, routing, tire management, tool tracking, vehicle information, vehicle tracking, alerts/notifications, asset tracking, work order management, real-time tracking, and VIN lookup.


Wialon became international in 2010 at the CeBIT computer expo.


Before that Wialon GPS tracking software was particularly used in Post-Soviet states. According to the Gurtam website, there are approximately 500 GPS tracking services globally that have already carried out the Wialon GPS tracking platform. Wialon is available for both Linux and Windows running systems. Wialon is exceptional due to its compatibility with specific GLONASS and GPS tracking units, counting 131 at the beginning of July 2010.


Wialon supports unique hardware for vehicles, machinery, stationary assets, people so you ought to discover the right telematics tool for any project. While an extra gadget reads the temperature, weight, angle, dozens of different tracking parameters for multi-faceted analytics.


Flexible GPS monitoring software to grow business


Wialon Hosting


The cloud-based solution reduces costs related to server hardware and software acquisition, installation, and administration.


Wialon Local


The server solution can function on standard potential servers and is appropriate for people who possess from one hundred to several thousand devices.


Wialon is the platform for GPS tracking and IoT which tracks over 2.7 million mobile and stationary gadgets in 130+ nations of the world and includes more than 1,900 associate corporates, 600 hardware manufacturers, hundreds of Wialon-based solutions initiators.


Wialon GPS Tracking 1.2 is the latest version of a specialized software application for GPS tracking. Now it is easy to download and set it up on the PC and use all the extensive capability of expert GPS tracking solution. The standard functions of the software include fuel intake monitoring, editable template-based reports, SMS or e-mail signals, and notifications, in addition to controllable routes with checkpoints. Wialon GPS tracking supports distinct sorts of maps and offers the opportunity to mark any preferred POI and create geofences. Wialon GPS Tracking software facilitates fleet proprietors to screen the work of every automobile in real-time mode and quickly locate any deviations from the route, operating irregularities, or violations. The other wonderful characteristic of Wialon GPS Tracking is its capacity to work with nearly all forms of GPS devices: private GPS trackers, automobile GPS trackers, and AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locators). Nowadays there are more than 500 varieties of supported devices.