Allied is a professional solution for companies wishing to monitor their fleets: road transportation companies, overnight courier services, logistics and distribution companies, companies with sales teams and field services, companies with construction machinery and vehicle rental companies, among others.

Allied allows you to monitor your fleet in a simple and effective way, resulting in a clear increase in productivity, margins and service quality. A small unit containing a GPS receiver and GPRS communication module is installed in each of the fleet’s vehicles. This unit allows you to monitor the movement of all vehicles: where they are, where they were, when they began the journey, where they stopped and for how long, and so on.

With Allied, you can track all your vehicles 24 hours a day, with positions and sensor data received in real time. Moreover, Allied has numerous add-ons that include a full set of alarms and reports, workforce management, driving behavior, cost management, fuel control and automatic driver identification, among many others.

All you need to access Allied is an Internet connection and a web browser on a smartphone. Access your fleet information in the workplace, at home or anywhere else.

Our popular GPS based vehicle tracking and fleet monitoring system, VTS, focuses on fleet tracking and monitoring needs of fleet owners, distribution companies etc.

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Using the Allied business vehicle tracking system you can track your vehicles in real-time, anytime, using any internet-connected device. There is no need for proprietary software or maps - everything is accessed over the web. Our live vehicle tracking system uses GPS satellites to locate your vehicles, and mobile technology to ensure that their positions, routes and logs are constantly updated.

Allied uses gps tracking to provide fleet management solution to efficiently manage your fleet and to monitor driver activities to prevent any vehicle misuse. Our fleet management solutions can help decrease costs and improve the overall productivity of your business.