Waiting causes frustration and annoyance to both customers and employees. The good news is that you can make it better. By putting people in control and make every touchpoint as easy as possible you can create the best customer experience, regardless of if you are managing a single location or a distributed enterprise. In more than 60,000 environments around the world, Allied Enterprises are used to make the waiting experience better for citizens, patients, customers and employees.

Our Intelligent Queuing system is used to regulate the end of the queue via a video based digital signage screen, making it easy for customers to see when the next counter is available and where to go.

Our Auto-Queue system on the other hand is ticket based solution allowing you to host your customers in a more personalized way. The solution allows for various data capturing functionalities and management functions, enabling staff to align themselves with the specific needs of the clients in real time.

Enhance your customers' in-store experience by managing queues better while communicating important information to them with the Queue Management systems.

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Direct them to available counters, share important messages with customers while they wait in queue. Optimize productivity of staff by being able to identify the customer's needs as soon as they walk into your store by using the queue management system.