Allied Enterprises provides a cost effective, professional, and efficient salary/payroll/administrative and consulting service to businesses that do not have a payroll infrastructure. Part of our payroll offering is expert advice relating to all areas of payroll, including statutory regulations, SARS and compliance with all related legislation, as well as how to rectify historic errors. Our Payroll team will perform a complete assessment of your current payroll function and provide expert advice on risk areas and how to address them in order for your business to remain fully compliant.

Allied Enterprises has a payroll solution for any business, no matter their location, or how simple or complex their salaried payroll needs are. Allied Enterprise's payroll solution removes the tedium and time pressure involved in administering a payroll and concurrently ensures that employees are paid timeously and accurately, in accordance with Company and SARS legislation.

It is Allied Enterprise's mission to provide a cost effective, professional and efficient Payroll Bureau Service to exclusive Clients where the need exists.

When we take on your payroll duties we will assign you a professional as your exclusive contact for all your payroll issues and requirements. If you don't have in-house payroll expertise, this approach will reduce your costs and the administrative burden of employing experienced payroll personnel. This type of payroll service not only provides continuity, but we build a long lasting relationship. All our clients are made aware of all statutory requirements and we will provide you with a service level agreement to ensure performance expectations are understood, monitored and achieved.

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Allied Payroll provides organisations both domestic and around the globe with integrated, custom designed payroll solutions and human resources management tools. We offer a full range of payroll and employee management products and services.

Our products and services are succeeding in the market because of our proficiency in payroll and because of our premium support that is easily accessible to customers. We strive to guide each client through all aspects of the services we provide whether the client is in the pre-planning stage or going through an expansion. No matter how large or small your workforce may be, we’ve got the services in place to handle your payroll management needs.