ALLIED ENTERPRISES commitment has always been to provide high quality telecommunication products and services for small to middle-sized companies as well as large corporations. Imbedded in this commitment is to provide these products and services at competitive pricing, without compromising the service and reliability our customers deserve. We offer a diversity of products and services that rank at the top of the industry.

Knowing the right data cable to use for the right application is a key to the long-term success of your cabling system. Choosing the right medium for your particular application also maximizes your money spent. Your office’s communication cable is quite literally the “backbone” of all your systems. From telephone to data to voice to wireless: everything resolves to a cabled connection within your office.

ALLIED ENTERPRISES provides network cabling services to businesses in the State of Qatar All installed to ANSI specifications. No zip ties. No bends.

Our team is comprised of experienced cable installers. We only use the highest quality cable wiring and connectors, ensuring that your business is running at top possible speeds. Every aspect is tested, and we won't leave the project until we are certain that your network is operating at the level your business needs it to.

It's easy to get distracted by the potential of a network and forget about the individual components that really make it work. The fact is, your network is really only as good as the cables linking it together. By making sure that your cable network is up to the highest standards, you can minimize frustration, help your employees truly operate as a team, and improve company productivity - and the bottom line.

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In addition to providing cabling and installation services, ALLIED offers custom networking system designed specifically for the needs of our clients. We don't provide "one size fits all" services, but take the time to get to know your business and help design a cabling strategy with your needs in mind. Then, with an ongoing maintenance partnership we can maintain, fix, and upgrade your system when necessary as your company grows. we can also repair and provide maintenance for existing systems. We can work with what you've already got, improving or upgrading as required to ensure it meets your specifications.

Our cabling infrastructure standards of quality assure that your company not only meets and exceeds today's technological demands, but also ensures that your organization is poised for tomorrow's hi-tech endeavors. Along with the right cable choices, adaptability is another key determining factor in the long-term success of your cabling infrastructure's backbone, now and in the future.