At Allied, we’ve been doing network assessments and network designs on a regular basis for some pretty large customers. If you are looking to maximize your IT investment, it’s time to call Allied and Get Ahead of IT. Allied takes a strategic approach, making sure that technology platforms work together, to serve your business objectives – and get results. Our IT professionals help you Get Ahead of IT, by understanding your unique objectives, evaluating your existing network infrastructure, and recommending solutions that drive results – expanding the possibilities for your business.

The IT infrastructure of a typical company – the servers, workstations, LAN/WAN network components, routers, software, and hardware – is incredibly complicated, and getting more so every day. Because it’s almost impossible for even the most seasoned IT professional to stay up-to-date on the health of such a complex system, Allied offers Network Assessments. With this service, we provide a comprehensive picture of any gaps and vulnerabilities in your network, along with cost-effective recommendations for how to strengthen and improve your IT.

Your network is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s why our comprehensive assessments examine every facet.

As part of every Network Assessment, we…

  • Review current network systems and infrastructure, network documentation, and backup systems
  • Evaluate antivirus effectiveness and overall Internet security,email protection, and related policies
  • Analyze current local and wide area network (LAN/WAN) performance and investigate future needs
  • Research upgrades and improvements
  • Report on specific recommendations for improvement and growth, tailored to your individual business and industry
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We work with all elements of networks and infrastructure every day, for businesses large and small. Let us help you evaluate your network for peak performance and security. Technicians can run periodic Network Assessment scans at individual sites and take the time to review specific needs on a location by location (or client) basis.

Allied Enterprise gives you the capability to perform both a network assessment and security assessment before signing up new clients. You have the option to charge for these services while showing customers a true picture of their existing network to set priorities.