We provide you with the essential tools to manage your employees from startup to corporate. The success of your company is about managing people not paperwork so you need the People management tools that are easy to use and employee-friendly. Our software has been designed to deliver all the tools your organisation needs to deliver best practice HR management. Automate and simplify your HR operations with our easy-to-use and customizable HR software. Allied People allows you to save time for your work creating a better workplace.

Our solutions meet your future HR needs. We’ve got the best solutions to suit your business needs, even if its a startup or a multinational!

At Allied, we are passionate about your employee data. We believe that a comprehensive, secure and structured source of HR information is key to HR compliance, employee efficiency and organisational effectiveness. Our desire is to be a trusted partner with our clients on their journey of people and business transformation.

Building on our core SmartHR foundation, we provide flexible solutions that are designed from an HR perspective to address strategic, functional, and compliance requirements facing businesses throughout the world. We have worked with companies of all sizes across a variety of industries that recognise that people are their greatest asset.

The Allied System is modular, allowing you to only select the modules that will be used to benefit your organisation. As your business grows or your requirements change, you may choose to activate additional modules. Certain modules are always included as part of your implementation and are listed in the section "Include in all Suites".

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