Allied provides small businesses with computer support, with our highly capable technicians ready to help you with your small business server or workstation computer problems. Our approach is one of flexibility and dynamism, and our technicians are adept at implementing and advising you on a range of IT solutions for your small business. Whether you need a new network configured, server troubleshooting, or new hardware configured, we're here to help!

Our offerings include ad-hoc support, whereby you utilise our services on a more casual basis and simply pay based on time. Alternatively, we also offer managed service style solutions, whereby we manage and monitor your business network and provide remote and onsite support, all for a fixed monthly price and with absolutely no lock-in contracts! Essentially, you can have the benefit of a full-time IT staffer without anywhere close to the cost. Furthermore, you get to draw on our collective knowledge and experience as well as our significant resources should your business grow rapidly.

Many small businesses are reliant on a server for their IT environment. The cost to keep servers running well can often be excessive if maintenance is performed irregularly and things only examined when everything falls over in a heap. We offer a number of options for ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your servers. Our 24/7 monitoring platform allows us to catch problems before they begin to cause problems to you and your employees. This saves you time and money, as the opportunity cost of a failed server can be very high.

Our technicians are never stumped as to what to do. No problem is ever too big or too small for us to deal with, so do not hesitate to contact us with your technical support enquiry. If you are after advice in terms of IT solutions, we are also able to assist in figuring out the best path forward for your business. Our IT consulting services are extremely comprehensive and draw on the wide range of experience within Allied.

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Fast response is only one piece of the puzzle; it is also essential to us that our staff are well-trained, have strong experience, and a clear escalation path when they need to seek further internal assistance. We have high minimum standards for technicians who join our team and we provide them with ongoing learning opportunities, allowing them to further their skill-set. Our service desk is an open-plan layout and there are multiple senior engineers available to assist, meaning that our support engineers have easy access to expertise should they need it.

The diverse range of expertise within our organisation means that we are well-positioned to support and implement a wide range of different solutions for different situations. We are effectively solution agnostic, and recognise that IT is not a one-size-fits-all industry. We will scope out the right solution for your situation and budget, and will explain it all to you in clear and concise language, jargon-free, and with a view to meeting your future growth needs.